Silent Night, Deadly Night Review (Spoiler free)

What’s better than Santa Clause? A killer Santa Clause.


Decent Christmas horror films [in my opinion] are hard to come by. You have your gems such as Black Christmas, Gremlins, Better Watch Out. Then you have various other bad iterations that have their own take on making the holiday a nightmare. Silent Night, Deadly Night has always been one that I’ve been told to watch. I finally did, and it was such a pleasure!

This film was nothing how I pictured it would be. Ok, maybe the axe-wielding homicidal maniac dressed as Santa was an exception. It starts off super strong. Within the first 15 minutes my jaw had already dropped. Even though the events that happen aren’t the most pleasant, it’s refreshing to see a film do something new. This film is from the 80’s and it for sure feels like it, but how it was cut together seemed something of new. Throughout the film, even though I could figure what was going to happen, I kept getting surprised. There really wasn’t a dull moment. It was fun to see a killer that’s not your typical killer. It may not at all surprising, but how they handle them is super interesting.

Obviously it’s not perfect. I feel the kills could’ve been a bit more creative. The script made it feel like a cheesy 80’s movies, which took me out at times. Although there are a few one-liners that I absolutely loved, for the fact that they were so ridiculous.

The movie as a whole hasn’t gotten enough love, and I think it’s due to the fact that it came out around the same time as many other slasher films. It really isn’t your typical slasher for many reasons. If you’re an 80’s slasher fan, I would highly recommend this. I would also love to see this get remade, but set in modern times.


RATING – 6.5/10


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