Ari Aster teases next films

You’re probably still speechless from Midsommar. But the question’s there of what will Ari Aster make next?

Aster has done some Hitchcockian things for horror over the past two years. He has changed the genre, in a way where more people are becoming fans. All we can hope, is that he continues to make the films he wants to make.

Ari Aster and Gabriel Byrne on the set of “Hereditary”

In a recent Reddit AMA, fans got to question Aster on some unanswered questions they had about his most recent film. One of the questions was what will his next movie be. The director responded,

“Next one will either be a zonky nightmare comedy or a big, sickly domestic melodrama.”

He also mentioned he wants to eventually make a full-on comedy. I have no doubt this would be a great film, but as a horror fan, I hope he doesn’t ditch the genre forever. But I don’t believe he will as he responded,

“It might take me a few movies before I wind back around to it, but I love horror and I’m sure I’ll be back.”

There’s definitely some hope there! Last week, Aster mentioned that he had two movies in mind. Both would fit within the Hereditary and Midsommar thematic trilogy.

Ari Aster, Florence Pugh, and Jake Reynor on the set of “Midsommar”

I can’t wait to see what Ari’s next film will be. Regardless of the genre, I’m sure it will bring another huge crowd.

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