Annabelle Comes Home Review


The scares start immediately, as expected with any Conjuring movie. The film opens with Ed (Patrick Wilson) and Lorraine Warren (Vera Farmiga), bringing the Annabelle doll home after investing a case. Annabelle starts to wreak havoc early on, as their car breaks down next to a cemetery. Annabelle makes her presence known, when spirits start to show up. Lorraine quickly realizes that the Annabelle doll is a beacon for other spirits.

The Warrens lock her away, and have Father Gordon bless the room. Fast forward to the real focus of the film, the Warrens daughter Judy (Mckenna Grace). Ed and Lorraine are going out of town for the weekend, so they hire a babysitter, Mary (Madison Iseman), to watch Judy. It becomes clear that Judy possesses the same talent as her Mother; she can see and sense ghosts We see this strange man following Judy, although we can only assume he’s a ghost. The suspense builds, but leaves us on the edge of our seats.

A few minor scenes occur. We meet Mary’s friend Daniela (Katie Sarife), and her crush Bob (Michael Cimino). Back at the Warren’s house, where Mary and Judy are making a cake for her birthday. The rest of the film will take place here. Daniela lets Annabelle out of her case, after attempting to contact her deceased father. This causes the other spirits to be released around the home. Some of these spirits include The Bride, The Hellhound, The Ferryman, and The Samurai. I thought all of these were done very well! The Bride to me was the scariest, and was utilized the best. There was a great callback to “The Conjuring”. The Bride vomits in Daniela’s mouth, causing her to be possessed. Judy figures this out right away, as her senses continue to grow. Mary attempts to call Lorraine, but phone is possessed too.

Scare, after scare, after scare the girls try and end all this. Judy tells Mary that need to find Annabelle, so they can put her back in her case. This would put the rest of the spirits to rest, as they are only surviving because of her. That’s exactly what they do, and that’s where the movie ends. Ed and Lorraine come home, and celebrate Judy’s birthday. Ed pulls out the guitar to play a song, but the movie ends before we get to hear what he was going to play. Such a bummer.

The subtle and seamless cinematography is something that these films get right every time. There’s something about how they are shot, that I just love. The Director, Gary Dauberman clearly has a horror background (It, Annabelle: Creation, The Nun), and it shows. I’m so glad the Conjuring filmmakers have stuck with this formula of filmmaking. It works, and will continue to work. It’s hard to believe that this is his directorial debut, yet he has so many writing credits. I loved everything Dauberman did with these characters. I do wish some of the demons were utilized more, but you can’t get everything you want. What I think is one of the most successful parts of this film (and all of the other Conjuring movies), is how they mix the real world with the spirit world. To me it’s all super realistic and believable, and it’s worked for every Conjuring film.

Another great addition to this universe, and I can’t wait to see what’s next. Ed and Lorraine have become some of the most beloved horror movie characters. Their on-screen chemistry is so real, and their such a joy to watch. I’ll definitely be seeing this a few more times!

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