Recommendation of the week, “Boys in the Trees” (2016).


There’s something that made me put this film on my watch list on Netflix. There’s another something that me actually watch it. I’m so glad that [something] existed. I haven’t been pleasantly surprised by a movie in a while.

At first, I didn’t know I felt about it. It didn’t seem super high budget (which is fine), and resembled the format of just another movie. That is the very opposite of what I thought by the end of it. Boys in the Trees is a pleasureful ghost story filled with drama, suspense and unexpected character arcs.

Aussie director Nicholas Verso couldn’t have casted better. The young actors brought the script to life in a way that many could not. Something that stuck out to me was the soundtrack. Right after I finished watching this film, I went ahead and made a Spotify playlist of all the songs. Music selection is such a huge part of making a film, and I wouldn’t have changed anything! Wendy Rule, who sang my favorite song on the soundtrack (Hollow) was someone I have never heard of before. I have now listened to all of her albums.

This film reminded me a lot of Donnie Darko in a way. Verso really cares about the characters, and wants you to feel the same way. By the end of the movie, you have experienced so much with the characters, and feel a connection with the main ones. By combining elements of fantasy, drama, thriller and horror, this film works in every way and intelligently explores each genre, while maintaining a general tone.

Here are some of my favorite aspects of the film (spoilers below):







I mentioned this above, but I can’t rave enough about it! Everyone was a surprise, and not at any point did I feel the acting could have been better. I can’t wait to see them in future roles…well done cast!




This is where the film took a major turn. I did not expect this scene AT ALL. I figured there was something going on with Jonah’s character, but didn’t think they would take it to this extent. Corey walks into a service, where people are all dressed up and covered in face paint. As he walks through, there is woman singing. It’s a song called, Hollow by Wendy Rule. It’s a haunting tune that gives you the vibe that something’s off. This was the PERFECT selection of music for this particular scene. We are then shown a photo of Jonah, resembling that this service is for him. It’s an interesting connection, because he’s had on the same face paint as everyone here. That’s the first time I confirmed that something was up with him. This scene, I believe is one of the most effective in the film.



Something this film get’s extremely right is building up their characters. You really feel for them, and connect in a way. Once we find out that Corey and Jonah used to be best friends clear so many things up. There’s a connection there that you’ve been waiting to see since the beginning. Even though there are some characters who aren’t the nicest, you want them to come around, and resolve all of their issues as well.



This is where the film becomes a bit magical, and fills that fantasy genre. Corey and Jonah appear in front of this “magic” tree. It’s filled with lights, and nostalgia of their friendship. You have to wonder what Corey thinks during this, and that it can’t be real. But I think he’s just living in the moment, and remembering the good times he had with Jonah. It’s a heart warming scene, that I feel is important to the story. We get some context on what these two have been through, and Corey began shutting Jonah out. The music here is also so good.




I’ve also mentioned this above, and many times in this post. But the music is one of my favorite aspects of the film. The way the music is used, is important to the story in so many ways. It gives you cues on how you should feel, how the characters are feeling, and the emotional connection between the viewer and the characters. You should definitely look up the album, and purchase it!


That’s only five things, and I could talk about this movie endlessly. But I won’t, and am strongly recommending that you watch it! You won’t be disappointed.


RATING: 9/10


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