My favorite aspects of the “Cloverfield” movies.

As you all know, The Cloverfield Paradox came out following the Super Bowl. I unfortunately wasn’t able to watch it opening night, but was the next night. So I did! After watching this film, I was surprised and entertained. My first thought when it finished was, “Well that was cool”. It obviously didn’t compare the other two films in the franchise, but I still had fun. Then I started to look on some of my normal review websites, Cinemablend, Screenrant, Bloody Disgusting, the list just goes on and on. What I got from [almost all of] the websites, was the people were super disappointed and were bashing it. This obviously would never change my feelings toward something, and it didn’t. I was just a little surprised by how much backlash it was getting.

Here’s my thing. It’s a low budget space film, about alternate realities and giant monsters. You’re going to get a low budget space film, about alternate realities and giant monsters. With that said, it didn’t even seem THAT low budget to me. I mean you could tell it wasn’t the best, but that shouldn’t take a way from anything. You should’ve expected that with a film like this. What’s great about the Cloverfield films, is that J.J Abrams and the producers over at Bad Robot are making these films for a reason. Not only to entertain, but to bring new talent in the light. The first movie was directed by Matt Reeves. Matt Reeves had some credits to his name, and only one feature before that, The Pallbearer (1996). This company likes to take up and coming directors, and give them the chance that we all want; to director a Cloverfield film! Matt Reeves went on to do some incredible things (Let me in, Dawn/War of the Planet of the Apes)10 Cloverfield Lane was directed by, Dan Trachtenberg. That was his first feature, and he went on to direct an episode of Black Mirror (Playtest). The Cloverfield Paradox is directed by Julius Onah. We’ll see what he comes out with in the next few years. But the point is, is that these films are made as almost a lesson to filmmaking. Take a basic plot from a fantastic first film, Cloverfield (2008), and expand it. After watching Paradox, there are endless opportunities to make films for the franchise. It’s also great because the first Cloverfield can still stand as it’s own movie. I think that’s a great thing.

That’s one of the main aspects of why I really enjoy everything about the franchise. To make this short, I’ll list some things that I really enjoy about the franchise (in no particular order).



SPOILERS for Cloverfield, 10 Cloverfield Lane, The Cloverfield Paradox.


  1. The found footage aspect.

Found footage can be the coolest thing, and also the worst thing. But something the first Cloverfield does right, is the found footage way they shot this. It’s the second most realistic found footage film I’ve ever seen (The Blair Witch Project being number one). Not much scares me, but there’s something about giant monsters that freaks me out, and having that in found footage makes it ten times better.


2. The monster (Clover).

Tell me this thing doesn’t freak you out. It’s probably the coolest/creepiest designed monster we’ve had in a while. It also came up from the ocean (from space originally)! That’s all I really need to say.


3. John Goodman.

John Goodman’s awesome, and to have him in a Cloverfield movie makes it even cooler! He plays a great paranoid crazy person, and greatly delivers in the long awaited Cloverfield sequel.


4. The references.

I go could on for a while about the way these movies connect. Even though it may not be super clear in what ways, they always find a way to throw in a few easter eggs here and there. Also how cool was the end shot of The Cloverfield Paradox when we see another “Clover” monster?!


5. The marketing.

When the first trailer for Cloverfield (2008) came out, it confused everyone. No on knew what it was about, there were even rumors about it being about a terrorist attack [it sort of it]. But they also created multiple websites, and ways to make it seem as realistic as possible, and I love that.


I’ll stop there. There are so many more positive things I can say about this franchise, and maybe I’ll do a separate post for each film. But these are some of the things that really stand out to me, as I review them.



Cloverfield (2008): 8.5/10

10 Cloverfield Lane (2016) 6.5/10

The Cloverfield Paradox (2018) 6/10


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