How do you feel about Bigfoot movies?


I watched, Willow Creek from 2013 today. I know this obviously isn’t the first Bigfoot film out there, but it’s a first for me. Since I live in Oregon, the Bigfoot, Sasquatch character has continue to intrigue me. It’s about time I start learning about the beast that roams the Pacific Northwest.

Willow Creek is directed by Bobcat Goldthwait (Police Academy), and stars Alexie Gilmore (Definitely, Maybe) and Bryce Johnson (Darkness Rising). I’ve always enjoyed Bobcat, wether it was his acting, directing or writing. That’s why it’s hard for me to not like this film as much as I did.

To sum it up, this film’s about a couple that goes into the [supposably] home turf of Bigfoot, Willow Creek. They camp in the middle of the woods, and strange things begin to happen.

The first thing I noticed about this movie is how I couldn’t stand Jim (Bryce Johnson)’s character. There was nothing intriguing about him, which was a huge disappointment for me as a viewer. Once I got over that, the movie started getting more and more interesting. I enjoyed everyone else who participated in the film though. Next, let’s talk about the found footage aspect of it. Don’t get me wrong, I love found footage. Some of my favorite movies are that genre (Blair Witch, Cloverfield). But the camera work was nauseating and not believable. According to IMDb, they shot this film in five days, and that really shows. I wish they took their time and had more character development and this would’ve been a completely different film. There were aspects in which I thought were strong. Kelly, played by Alexie Gilmore was well-casted and perfectly believable. After all, it’s very difficult to act in general, but this heavily relies on sound design. That’s another piece I really like about it. Fun fact, Goldthwait did all of the noises for Bigfoot and it worked so well! Without sound design, I’m sorry to say but this would be almost un-watchable. The Bigfoot sound effects made it seem like you were really there, hoping you watched this with good speakers/headphones. Check out the my thoughts on more details of the movie in spoilers below!












I’ll make this short and sweet. After all, there’s not much detail I can get into, as not too much happened in the movie. For this section, it would be easier to list what I liked and didn’t like. So here it is:



  • Sound design
  • Most of the acting
  • Film location
  • The few seconds at the end when Jim get’s dragged by Bigfoot (sound is very effective here)


  • Jim
  • Cinematography
  • The naked women at the end (why???)
  • The fact that you DON’T EVEN SEE BIGFOOT
  • Story


Bryce Johnson and Alexie Gilmore hear strange noises in the middle of the night.


The naked women at the end made no sense at all, as I still have no idea why she was put in there. The only thought that came to mind was that it was the missing person from earlier in the film. Even if that was true, why was she in the woods alone? Adding to that, why was she in the woods alone naked? Also why did Bigfoot never attack her? So many unanswered question based on that one shot.

Those were my quick thoughts after watching Willow Creek, and I hope I didn’t negatively affect your opinion on it! Everyone’s titled to their own opinion. Personally, the negatives outshined the positives, but I hope that’s not the case for everyone. If you like Bigfoot films, maybe you should watch it! But for the average movie-goer, I wouldn’t recommend.


RATING: 3/10

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