“My Friend Dahmer” is the serial killer movie we’ve all been waiting for!

Ross Lynch as Jeffrey “Jeff” Dahmer.

Marc Meyers did a Dahmer. No, he didn’t run into a school, or a public place and pretend to be epileptic. He did the story of Jeffrey Dahmer as accurate as it could’ve been. There’s nothing that makes me happier than to see a director have such passion for a story.

Going into the film, my expectations were non-existent. I had no previous knowledge of director Marc Meyers, and my only reference to Ross Lynch was from his Disney channel show, Austin and Ally, which I have not seen.

I do have a huge interest in Serial Killers, so I knew the whole Dahmer story going into this. I only watched the trailer once, and kept critic reviews out of the equation so I could be as surprised as I could. The whole way to the movie theater I kept saying, “I really hope this is going to be good”. To my surprise, I came out of the theater thinking that is was one of the best movies I’ve seen in all 2017. After a few days of processing the film and thinking back, I still feel that way.

I did have one little expectation going in, and that was it would be a slow film. This is purely from the fact that Jeff Dahmer wasn’t the most emotional or excited person. I figured if the movie’s about him, the tone will be bouncing off of his tone. Even by being slow, I never got bored. One of my favorite things about this film was the attention to detail. How much closer can you get when you film in Jeffrey Dahmer’s ACTUAL childhood home? That’s right, the author of the graphic novel (and what the film’s based off of) had access to film at Jeffrey Dahmer’s real life childhood home. I can’t imagine being on set, must’ve been a little haunting. They built movie Jeff’s shed right over the real Jeff’s shed. They unfortunately couldn’t get rights to film in his high school, but they used another that was close-by that resembled it well.

The acting was also superb. Ross Lynch delivers a non-human like character no problem, and yet there are a few scenes where you feel bad for the monster, at least I did. Alex Wolff was a surprising star as one of Jeff’s friends. Everyone’s delivery was believable, and it was a pleasure to watch them interact on-screen.

Another aspect that really drew me in, was the editing and how it was all put together. This isn’t like your normal action packed Michael Bay film where there’s a cut every two seconds. The pacing is thought out, and done for a reason. The editing also showed violence without the actual violence. That’s the part that I liked the most about this movie. There are way to many killer movies that are purely made to show people having sex, or something getting their insides ripped out. “Dahmer” showed the before after. That had a creepiness to it, because you know exactly what happens, but you never see it. So the viewer never actually sees Jeff doing violent acts, so (in my opinion) you don’t hate him as much as you should.

Overall, I was very happy with the film and would recommend it people who are brave enough to watch it. It’s not for everyone, as I said before because of slow pacing. But if you’re interested enough in the story and the characters, it will be over before you want it to be.

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