5 movies I’ve watched in October to get ready for Halloween.

Halloween is right around the corner! The best time of year is upon us and the themed activities will never be enough. From pumpkin patches to haunted houses, there’s much to do throughout the month of October. I hope that everyone is enjoying it as much as I am.

Besides all of the events occurring at this time, there are other ways you can get into the Halloween spirit; that’s watching Halloween movies. I told myself that I will watch a Halloween movie EVERY day in October. Although I haven’t lived up to that exactly, I’ve done a pretty good job of keeping up with my promise.

I try to watch new movies that I’ve never seen before. I thought that I would give you five horror movies (I’ve never seen) that I watched beginning on October 1st 2017. Enjoy!


1. The House By The Cemetery (1980 – Italy)


Let’s start off with this English dubbed Italian film, “The House By The Cemetery”. I had no idea what to expect when I first watched this. I did my classic, “let’s go on Shudder.com and pick a random movie”. It worked well, as I enjoyed this film. Like every film, it’s not perfect. The acting wasn’t the best neither was the script. This may have been due to the fact that there were dubbed voices over the characters. Once you get over that, it’s more watchable. The premise of the film is compelling and executed in a way that’s been told before. That’s not saying it’s un-original. The originality came from the characters, location and kill scenes. That’s what this film did right in my opinion. There’s something about foreign films, in that no matter the time of it being made, there will still be an immense amount of gore. The kill scenes in this film were definitely creative, and intrigued me to continue watching. Just another ghost story that I think you should watch if you’re looking for something scary and entertaining! I would definitely recommend this film for viewers who don’t mind the foreign genre.


2. Blue Sunshine (1977 – USA)

maxresdefault (1).jpg

Jeff Lieberman (Satan’s Little Helper, Just Before Dawn) brings this [very] 70’s horror film about LSD and murder. This caught me way off guard, as it was another random Shudder.com pick. I ended up loving this movie, and began to recommend it to everyone! What made this film great, was the story and acting. It’s originality and execution brought me in straight from the beginning. The film brings a Hitchcockian vibe in which deals with the “wrongly accused man” plot. The fact that I love Hitchcock films, makes sense on why this story compelled me. The main actor, Zalman King, who plays Jerry Zipkin shines. He was an unexpected joy of the film, and was the main reason I continued to watch it. Overall, this is an under the radar film which should be watched! I would highly recommend.


3. Raw (2016 – France)


I’ve really been into foreign films recently, and this is one that’s always interested me. The first time I saw the trailer, I was interested. I [weirdly] enjoy movies about human flesh eaters (Sweeney Todd, The Green Inferno, Silence of the Lambs etc.), so I knew I had to watch this. Something that the film benefited from was the acting. The main cast made me believe this was real, and I felt connections with certain characters. Something that this film lacked, was storytelling. I’m not sure if it was the script or the pacing of the editing, but I was confused at some parts. I understood what was happening, but wasn’t sure how we got to that point in the story. It was also very gory. I did expect it, seeing how it’s about a cannibal. But it was almost too much for me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m al about gore, but there is a limit. The soundtrack was also another strong part of the film. I enjoy a film in which the music is just as important to the story as the visuals are. I would recommend this for viewers who enjoy this type of film, and who can do lots of gore and blood. I personally wouldn’t watch it again, as once was enough.


4.  The House That Dripped Blood (1971 – USA)


I love anthology films. Especially horror anthology. Something about many short films combined into one highly interests me. Something that intrigued me to begin watching this was because of the writer. Robert Bloch (Psycho) wrote the screenplay which I was very excited about. It has an all star cast including, Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Denholm Elliot and many more. The house this is film at is awesome within itself; I mean just look at that house in the photo! It’s creative, and filled with scares and suspense. I would 100% recommend to this any horror fan out there. Especially if you like anthology films.


5.  Trapped Ashes (2008 – USA)


Another horror anthology film. This time it’s about strangers on a Hollywood studio tour, who get trapped inside an exhibit and are forced to tell scariest stories. The directors of the segments are Sean S. Cunningham, Joe Dante, Ken Russell, Monte Hellman and John Gaeta. It’s got a great cast, with a fun storyline. The fact that it takes place in a movie studio in Hollywood is cool enough. I would highly recommend this movie!


There you have it. Five horror films that I’ve watched on October, that I’ve never seen before. I love going into these types of movies blind, because not knowing anything can be a good thing. Or a bad, if you pick wrong. I hope you get some inspiration from this list if you’re wondering what movie to watch as the countdown to Halloween continues to dwindle. Thanks for reading!


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